The Narrow Part of the Tree

A year or two ago at a mom’s bible study I go to (they have child care!) the leader read a story that had a part that said our lives with children were shaped like a big tree. At the beginning, before kids, our options are wide, like the roots, and we can fit a lot into our lives. As we have little ones, we get into that tight narrow part where the tree is at it’s smallest. Not much fits in there except what HAS to. Then, as they get older, our lives open up again and spread out wide. I always thought that was the perfect visualization. I can certainly tell you that we are at the SMALL part of that tree. But knowing it will open up again is comforting. And once I can shed some of this excess stuff/busyness/whateveryoucallit, I’m sure I will enjoy our narrow tree living a little more.

It’s just difficult to fit the business stuff in that SMALL tree part too. Things have to be set aside for a time, until I can pick them up again. I’m still shooting when I can, but I’m working on focusing my work and keeping it small and meaningful so that the stuff I bring into the narrow part is making our lives better, not just busier. But, it’s 1am and the baby is calling. Night all. =)

My tree is pretttyy cute.

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