So some of you ARE reading this thing. glad my pathetic little life is so interesting to you all. curses on reality TV! jk. hehe. not a very eventful day. just slept in, went to church, spent $200 at the grocery, you know, good times. first of all, we haven’t been to the grocery in, oh, 2 weeks. seriously, we’ve got issues. if we have oj in the house and some frozen pizza, we’re pretty happy, at least while we’re in school. now that I am at least out for the semester, i want some real food, and john wants his wife back in the kitchen (oooh…..do i see a few winces at that comment?) hehe. it’s ok, he wont’ get any home cooked meals from the end of january until august, so i’m cooking now. hehe. it would be nice to have real food again. for instance, tonight i made everyone’s favorite Green pepper cassarole by Eric (the bad yummy way with rice). But the REAL reason i spent alot at the grocery (apart from the tangent trip $91 to Sam’s Club) is because tomorrow is Karyn’s 3rd (or 4th) Annual Candy and Cookie Day! Although, this year, it will consist of much more than just hard tack. Why? because i have a REAL kitchen…and helpers. We’re making 2 kinds of hard tack, caramels, fudge, cookies, and old fashioned butterscotch squares. oh yes, we WILL be high on sugar, and on life. poor cat.

talk to you soon buh bye


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