Sleepy Sunday

Nice sort of lazy Sunday today. got hooked watching a few movies, White Oleander and Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. oh yes, quite good. i need to break out my disney movies and watch. i need to find A Muppet Christmas Carol! i think it’s at mom & dad’s! i must watch that movie. made some apple cider/cranberry sorbet in our new ice cream maker. very yummy. i wanted to make some stuff john can enjoy too.

had a crazy dream the other night about spiders. they were all over our house, then all of a sudden the spiders were gone, the house was full of snakes! they were eating all of the spiders! then i walked into the kitchen and the floor had opened up and that’s how they all got in! it was crazy!


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  • Anonymous - And everyone thought I was the dreamer. Must be the married life, are trapped feelings giving you these dreams. You need help. You must deal with your inner feelings before these dreams get out of hand. Or maybe the dreams are from letting a cat live in your house, they ARE an evil creature, known to wreak havoc wherever they roam.

  • Anonymous - just for the record, i have always been the dreamer. crazy ones’ all the time. has nothting to do with marriage. only had 2 total wedding dreams anyway. not bad. =)

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