end of life as I know it

if you can’t find me for weeks at a time… just look in a corner in the library…i’ll be huddled and rocking back and forth mumbling something about needs assessments…oh the horror…

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  • Anonymous - Needs assessments? Please come assess my needs! Just kidding, I am content in ALL circumstances (Ok, school-girl, quiz-time, what verse is that?). Seriously, just writing to encourage you in your new classes. You’re kind of sounding like you’re dreading it? You’re going to do great and learn cool things that will help you in your God-given gift: helping others. You’re awesome! Have a great start to your semester! Love you.

  • Mundane Details » Blog Archive » Seasons of Blogging - […] huge posts where I got up on my soapbox and stayed there quite often.  I was in the midst of the full time social work grad student and part time pet nurse season of my life, which was certainly an interesting one for sure. LOTS of […]

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