My thoughts on crying… a random observation

So, this is rather random but it’s my website and I just feel like expressing my opinion. I believe that crying/weeping/shedding tears is not just about being sad, or joyful or about any one emotion. It is certainly not about weakness, as it is often portrayed. To me, crying is about the overflow of any emotion. When feelings well up in side of you and you cannot contain them, or express them with words-crying is one wonderful release valve. And as I’m sure most of you girls understand, sometimes it’s nice to just sit down and have a good cry. It’s not about any one thing, it may be things building up, it may be about stress, it may be that you haven’t cried in a long time so you put in a sappy movie. Sometimes it’s just nice to cry and not have to articulate every emotion you want to express with words. Crying is not necessarily about asking for help, or a solution, or to be consoled. It’s about expression.

later folks

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