So, yeah, about those dogs.

Yesterday was, by far, the grossest day at work for quite some time. What a way to be welcomed back. I’m going to spare you and not go into great detail. But let’s just say it takes quite a bit to gross me out these days, and it was quite an icky day. ALL DAY, that’s what made it so bad. We were cleaning for an hour and a half AFTER we closed. Good times. 2 1/2 nurses, 1 doctor, 1 csc, and 45 animals. That’s what I call productive. So I got home last night, all but burned my clothes, and then john and I made another of our yummy South Beach dinners. We are Both recommitting to it this year and starting off this week with some Phase One action. I’m doing the meal planning thing and it’s working well. Last night we had rosemary pork chops, broiled tomatoes, and toss salad. I made john some blackberry tea sorbet this week with the 1/2 splenda baking stuff. Just so he can have a low sugar dessert that he likes. I’m going to make myself some vanilla later. I love our new ice cream maker. Tonight, it’s turkey chili! and if you put in a small can of salsa verde, it makes the chili extra yummy.

later folks

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