work folk will know what the heading of this means, or any of you who have some medical terminology knowledge might get it. no worries. feeling random. sorry i haven’t been around for a few days. i figured the best way to overcome my depression was to just live life as it happens for a few days. Thursday, my first day at EATC (my internship) was fabulous. Lylette is my field instructor and she is really great and down to earth. Everyone else in the office is really nice as well. It’s going to be a great internship and just what i wanted. within the first hour of being there i was already helping by working on some evaluation reports and it just felt good to jump right into something instead of sitting around all day. also, i’m involved in a task force that Lylette is helping organize and I am on the Registration subcommittee. let me back up, the task force is organizing a huge, and i mean huge, back to school fair for the end of july for all the school kids in Fort worth Independent school district. the fair will provide free school supplies, back packs, socks, shoes, immunizations, etc and all sorts of access to local human/family service providers. it’s going to be soo awesome and the mayor and his wife are helping to head the fair to help garner more support from sponsors. it’s going to be a great project and give me tons of experience, not to mention introduce me to some wonderful contacts. our approx. goal is to serve around 34,000 kids! awesome! so our budget, including in-kind gifts, is like btwn 400-600 g’s! i need to practice NOT hyperventilating when people talk about that much money. hehe. anyhow, that was what i learned at my first meeting on Friday. it was funny going from my scrubs in the morning to a nice business outfit in the afternoon. hehe.

i’m down to one day a week at banfield now. heading over to go bowling with folks from work soon. love bowling. i’ve read one chapter of the 3 due this wednesday for research class. while that’s not dramatic progress, the fact that i have done ANY homework during the first week of class is remarkable. baby steps karyn….baby steps.

talk to you soon.

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