sunday, funday

So, my weekend so far…

friday, worked. craziness. came home and actually relaxed for a bit. john came home, we went to lowes and bought a microwave. fun stuff. bonsai has not left the box alone since we brought it home. then we went to J.J. Dakota’s, this bar close to our house that has tons of pool tables, and smoke. i can’t wait till they do that whole no smoking thing in Texas too. smoke was great for my cold, but it was good to get out of the house. Dan schooled us in pool a bit, i usually beat him about 1/2 the time but i had a headache, so i wasn’t quite doing my best. sat- worked all day, took care of 8 week old lab retriever who has parvo all day. poor little thing has been on fluids for 3 days. doing ok though, hopefully he made it through the night. went home took a 1000 degree shower to get rid of the germs and smell -went over to Jim and Renee’s house for movie night, with their new 6 week old golden retriever puppy (didn’t want to get the puppy sick). very cute and not too crazy….yet. had fun with friends, talked to April about her residency rotations and how people really don’t know anything about doctors and medicine whether it’s animals or humans. watched Napoleon Dynamite (why? because it’s got the worst pick up line ever)

“Are you drinking 1% milk because you think you’re fat? Cause you’re not.

You could drink whole milk if you wanted” -Napoleon Dynamite

So, anyhow. also watched Monty Python and the meaning of life (love it), and Starsky and Hutch , good times. but we were there until 3am. yeah. So today we are staying at the house and doing lots of projects, like making the new curtains for the living room, rewiring the cable in the living room and master bedroom, putting up the new security lights john’s mom got us. packing up the kitchen to be painted, taping the kitchen, and much more. well, lunch is ready gotta go. buh bye.

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