Good evening…

As mentioned by ‘anonymous’ I visted Amy’s Humble Musings blog. Very kewl! It won the Best New evangelical site award. It’s quite clever and has quite a lot on it to read. How does she have time with all those kids? we’d better ask anonymous…. =)
So I had a good bike ride today with Charlene. enjoyed the sunshine and warmth, but not the very steep hills. so out of shape. then Chalene and I put more toenail covers on Bonsai’s back claws b/c he’d actually removed most of them this time. normally he leaves them alone. grr. anyhow, he had been adding his artistic touches to our leather couch and it was time for the rubber claws again. He also got a bath last night. next time i do that i’ll take a picture and post it. the only picture i got last night was when he was mostly dry. i may need someone else to take the picture though, b/c it is just not a good idea to let a soaking wet cat run around your house.
Class was tolerable, interesting topics. complaining about the welfare system and how it sets people up to fail and how all of the policies seem to penalize the poor instead of help them succeed. anyhow. good dialogue-chat about it anytime. It is interesting how we make up laws to encourage certain types of behavior, but for those people who have already engaged in that behavior, or are in ‘that’ situation already, there are few to no options. that’s just not cool.

…Maybe it’s becuase i was watching DOGMA today, or maybe it’s been popping up everywhere, but lately I’ve been encoutering the theme that Christians have been and are being so extremely judgemental these days. Everywhere I look, there are people who are Christians who are saying how certian groups do not deserve things becuase of what they have done. and there are other people who i hear saying that we need to remember what our limits are and that it’s not our place to judge and that we do not have that perogative. just to love. love our enemies. good stuff. anyhow, sorry to rant. have a nice evening.

another theme i have noticed and am trying to take a HUGE step back from: how materialistic our country is. it’s ridiculous! comments anyone?

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