Hello people

Good monday morning… how are you all doing? hopefully well. just chillin’ here at work. trying to get some interviews from some people. checkin’ my mail. good stuff. going on a bike ride this afternoon with Charlene, cause the high today will be 80 =). then class. whoop-dee-do. later.

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  • Anonymous - Hi! Doing fine here, just celebrating Presidents Day — you know how any reason is a reason to celebrate, right? Although it’s no 80 degree celebration. More like 45. And rainy. You know, February?

    Just wanted you to know that your blogs are not drifting out into cyberspace unread…

    Speaking of blogs, I have become enamored with one called Amy’s Humble Musings. If I knew how to link it, I would. Ok, I’ll try this: Click here: Amy’s Humble Musings. I’m sure that didn’t work. Ok, try this: http://www.theblogofamy.blogspot.com/
    Hopefully that gets you there. It’s a good one.

    Love ya!

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