i’m a busy girl!

ok. so it’s the busy season now and I’m not even an accountant! things are really starting to pick up all over the areas of my life right now. mostly academic, i must say. sorry i’ve been neglecting my blog, but it’s really only been a few-ish days. doing some mad grant hunting, trying to teach myself Access (any tips from Jason (JaNae), would be helpful), working on 1, 2, 3 group projects, on the Registration committee for the First Annual Cowtown Back to School Round Up! oh yeah, we’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars here- we hope, working on a bit of homework, as always. fun times. Plus, there is tons of drama at that place that i work one day a week. fun stuff. nuff said.
Anyhow, john and i went out to dinner tonight- place called Charleston’s down on Hulen. Very nice. awesome steak and salad. john had talapia. yummy! so now it’s friday night and we’re doing what every young married couple should be doing. spending time together…doing homework.
We’re just trying to get everything done so we don’t have any responsibilities on Sunday. for V-day that’s what we are giving each other. the whole day. no work, no cleaning!!!!, just us hanging out together. i can’t wait.
love ya’ll.

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  • Lindz - K-

    I know Access…I have built a few databases for work, so I could give you some help if you need it.

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