That corner in the library…

I’m slowly starting to inch my way towards that library people. Just watch out for crazy psychotic Karyn first. I’ll go big crazy and then retreat….. it’s coming….. stay tuned….the list just keeps getting longer and longer and longer…. for instance
My ‘To Do’ List THIS WEEK
-gather information on pro/con positions of HB770 and SB364 on adoptee rights to access birth certificates in Texas
-call 20+ agencies/organizations and get at least 15 to commit to providing info at the agencies general assembly in April
-call the ExDir. of one of those agencies and do an interview to write an article for my internship agency’s newsletter
-work on figuring out eligibility requirements with committee members for registering for back to school fair
-work on designing Access database for back to school fair
-FIND the actual application for my RFP for grantwriting class and write the needs statement and part 2 (whatever that is-it’s on the syllabus)
-Continue to develop and design the BLOG for the adoption issues stuff
-Call FAfsa and figure out the loan thing for summer and change my name
-Call and cancel my life insurance policy with dad’s guy.
-work on our budget with john
-start to figure out our tax stuff
-do my research homework
-go to transportation coalition mtg with supervisor tomorrow morning
-meet with txcare group on sunday
-go to banfield on friday and do the order
-go to ethics training (FREE CEUS!!!) on friday morning.
-work on saturday.

So that’s my current big to do list and i know i’m missing something. or 5 . so there’s a glimpse into my life. John is being great and we are both getting through it and making sure we have something to eat every night. oh, one more thing…

-take back movies to blockbuster (late fees or not) =)

love ya’ll

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