Dream a little daydream…

Just sitting here after looking up info on corporate giving from LM (hehe) for the backtoschool fair this summer. Writing a bunch of mini proposal letters for other foundations, etc. actually getting some work done….and of course, once I’ve been a little productive in the morning my brain always starts to wander…and I start thinking of how I’m almost done with my classes and how Cinco de Mayo has special meaning this year. It’s the day AFTER my last night of class!! and the next day…May 6th, is -guess what?, our 6 month wedding anniversary!, and the day after that? We’re going to see MISS SAIGON!! at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth (that’s my birthday present from John). So that’s just going to be the best weekend ever! and I can’t wait. But, in the meantime, I STILL have to create 1.5 powerpoint presentations, finish working on 2 group papers, and one more presentation, study for a final, GIVE the presentations, turn in a foundation proposal….and I think that’s all, but I’m sure there’s more. And to me, at this point, this is light stuff. All the hard work is over. Thank goodness. Come on, May!

later ya’ll

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