just sitting here in class…

Oh my goodness. so i’m just sitting here in class, taking notes with my new OneNote software, la de da. statistics, etc. and our favorite classmate starts talking. AHHHHHH! make it stop! she treats EVERY class like her own personal tutoring session. she interupts him all the time and asks question after question and wants him to solve all of her agency/stat/etc/ problems all in class. this is also the person who doesn’t, i believe, know HOW to stop talking. i don’t feel guilty blogging during class right now because she has been talking this entire time. grrrrrr. just venting.
our second favorite person (our main beef with him is that he constantly turns around and looks at people in class) he always sits in the middle front of class and turns around and looks. one 3 hour class period i kept track of how many times he turned around . i counted 185. keep in mind this is a research class and the subject matter can be a bit dry. i actually do like what we’re talking about, but some people are just so annoying! she’s done talking, so i’m done venting for now.

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  • Mielinski - PAY ATTENTION!!! 😉

  • Anonymous - Sounds like you are doing research when you’re counting the # of times he turns around. Therefore, that is related to the class and does not count as “not paying attention.” –J

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