The Imposter Theory

So, my wonderful friend Karla, after reading one of my responses to her ‘2005 get to know your friends’ survey, informed of the concept of the Imposter Theory. My comment that triggered her reaction went something like this:

“33. WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? getting out of school, finding a job, and then
everyone finally realizing that’s it not a learning curve, I really DON’T know what I’m doing.”

She replied by telling me that I’ll be fine and that my attitude is actually called “the imposter theory”. I was intrigued by this idea that there is an entire theory around this attitude, so I Googled it. Now, the first wave of pages were all devoted to conspiracy theories about Oswald, Elvis, Paul, Jesus, and all sorts of ‘Imposters’. But I did eventually happen onto a site that talks about learning styles, which then linked to an entire article about Imposter Theory which you can read HERE. In the article, the basic premise of the Imposter Theory goes like this:
I don’t belong here…I’m clever and hard–working enough to have faked them out all these years and they all think I’m great but I know better…and one of these days they’re going to catch on…they’ll ask the right question and find out that I really don’t understand…and then…and then….

All I could say was, “that’s me!”-
So if knowledge is power, I at least feel better knowing that I’m not the only one like this =)
Have a great day,
Imposter # 260,456,789

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