So, the cable people were supposedly at our house today repairing or ‘fixin’ to repair our cable/internet line today. So in an ideal situation, I will have internet access when I get home. Or, I won’t. So, seeing as I am not going to be back into CC until next wednesday, I will have internet sometime between 30 minutes from now, or one week. Please keep that in mind when checking for new posts, and/or sending me email which most of you never do anyways (not all, i said ‘most’). I’ll post when I have access next.
Well, it’s off to home to make some yummy chicken chili, and possibly go see SW#3 tonight, and of course , backup more and more files from my computer so I can format this thing.

Later folks, hope you’ve had a good day so far.

p.s. I had a dream about a tornado last night. What did you dream about?

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