Just because I grew up on a farm…

Here is my hypothesis: If John leaves town, then bad things will happen to Karyn. So yesterday Charlene and I were at my house organizing the guest bedroom, putting together shelves, having all sorts of organizational fun. Basically we played our own version of ‘Clean Sweep’. Good times. Went and got some Sonic, very yummy. While we were at the house, the ‘last’ wedding present arrived, our wine cabinet/tower thing from Target. So, at around 7:30 we decided to break open the box and put it together. Charlene asked my for a flat head screwdriver so I popped out to the garage where the toolbox was along the back wall. As I quickly walked around the car, I looked down and saw a TARANTULA on the floor by the toolbox. Not just a run of the mill spider, ewww, step on it, a TARANTULA!!! So, I scream a few times as I promptly turn around run back to the kitchen door, close it behind me saying something like, “OH MY GOD, THERE IS A TARANTULA IN MY GARAGE!” or something like that. It’s all a blur now. Charlene comes over like, “WHAT?!?!?!?!” So, yes the freaking out has begun. I waste NO time and I go next door to Walter and Wendy’s and ask Walter if the 20ft foam wasp spray I have will kill it. He says he’s not sure, so he grabs all of their sprays and comes over with Wendy. At first they think I’m overreacting a bit….until they see the spider. Excuse me, Tarantula. They were both like, “Oh my gosh!!””That’s a tarantula!” Yeah, I noticed!
So Wendy starts talking about how they like to form nests…..and of course, my favorite tidbit of information, they jump. So Walter, armed with this information starts to spray the Tarantula, “oooh he didn’t like that very much”, I just said keep spraying. So he does. The Tarantula starts moving around under the car. This whole spraying, slow death process took about 10 minutes. Walter moves the car back, the Tarantula was apparently drunk off of the poison spray, nerve toxin stuff. Not exactly reassuring, but he then started melting…which made me feel better that he wouldn’t jump. Apparently, one of the spray cans that Walter had gave some sort of electric shock to the creature. Very cool. Anyhow, he scooped it up on a shovel, I took a picture to prove to John how gimongus it was and Walter pitched it over the back fence into the large field/green belt area from where we belive it came.
So, last night when John called to say hi, I filled him in, and also told him how Walter suggested we call an exterminator just in case. I think this is a FABULOUS idea. So I tell John how I’ve already called Terminex and gotten quotes and set up a tenative appointment =) He laughs at me (mostly about my excited storytelling style) and says that’s fine if it will make me feel better and it couldn’t hurt. To which I say, Amen honey! He makes some comment about how he ended up with the only farmer’s daughter terrified of spiders. I said, no it was a TARANTULA and my father had TWO daughters afraid of TARANTULAs. I believe Heather and I have both managed to at least get good at killing spiders, even if we’re still scared out of our wits. Anyhow. Just because I grew up on a farm does not mean that I am a bug loving person. And getting freaked out by creepy crawly things is ok, as long as I realize that they aren’t REALLY going to hurt me. Which i do… And yes, I realize this is TEXAS and there are more critters down here, but like I said about the cockroaches. They have the whole big wide world outside to live in. Please leave my house alone. So I’ll be buying the neighbors a big can of ‘thank you’ bug spray, to replace the whole one they used in our garage. =) And the Terminex people come tomorrow! Yipee!

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  • Anonymous - Oh, Karyn. Yes, you have the formula correct — if the husband is unavailable to help, strange creatures will take advantage of the wife, causing her to grow in courage, resourcefulness and faith (hence, my mouse). I have to say I agree with your TARANTULA method over the “put a jar over the spider method until someone comes home who will move the jar/kill the spider.” Like Mom would always ask, “what are you going to do when I’m not here to kill it?” — well, kill it, of course. BUT, as we say now to our husbands, you ARE here. 10,000 wife points for your first TARANTULA in the garage episode, girl. Now tell Lockheed to build those planes up here where things like die, die, die in the winter.

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