Recipe Ideas?

If anyone has noticed, the ‘cooking corner’ has been quite empty lately. Mainly because due to time constraints my creativity has been waning in the kitchen, you could say. I think John is getting tired of Chili, tuna-noodle, spaghetti, and other strange things I come up with. Sprinkled with a super portion of eating out. So if anyone has any ideas of what I should make for dinner tonight, please let me know -send the recipe if you can. Thanks!

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  • Mielinski - Two Words….Ramen Noodles!!! 🙂

  • K - Sorry, no Ramen noodles. Chicken enchiladas won out.

  • Lind-zay - With the nice weather, coerce John into grilling out 🙂

  • K - nice weather, surely you jest

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