lost in the lists

Is it alright to give up when you’re in your 3rd week of classes? Because I think I’d like to, but my brain is too busy sifting through the lists of things I have to get done today. So, to all those who care, even the ones that don’t read this blog, here is my promise. Dan: my car will be ‘not dirty’ and smell ok by the time you are in it tomorrow. To my budgeting prof: I will skim the EIGHT CHAPTERS & THREE ARTICLES that were required reading for today, and I will have all of the exercises done (which thankfully I did last night) and mostly correct by 6pm today. Dry cleaners: I or my husband WILL pick up our clothes either tonight, tomorrow, or monday. Bonsai: I will change the litter in your box TONIGHT! Policy group members: I will have looked over, if not thoroughly read, the handouts you gave me, by Tuesday. Me: I will pack tonight for the weekend and not forget to buy Liz and Nick a wedding card, and I will find where I have cleverly hidden their wedding invitation, or I will ask Dan to bring his (please) and I will get the road atlas and at least look over our route before we leave tomorrow.
I know there is more, but that’s all the fits right now. Oh yes, to my internship: I will write a large portion of one of the grants for the F.A. program TODAY and finish faxing people about the handbook updates and keep recruiting folks to have display tables at our July event.

One more, To me: I will have a latte today.

Bye, got stuff to do.

“Smile, it could always be worse.”

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  • Anonymous - Enjoy every second of that latte! You deserve it! –J

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