Mom posted!

Attention, attention everyone, my mother has posted a comment on my blog. And just last week she was telling me she read the blog! On the internet twice in a week! Mom! That’s pretty impressive. You must have some real time on your hands during this summer break! Anyway, I’m very happy my mother posted and actually reads the blog, instead of hearing my sister tell her what I wrote on here. =) So, “Hi Mom”, and thanks for the advice. I’m still doing a pretty good job of being lazy and getting some sleep. Oh, and tell Grandma I really only talk on the phone in the car when I’m on the interstate and going in a straight line, and I stay in the right lane when I’m on the phone. hehe.

p.s. went to a great lebanese rest./club last night. will post w/pics later.

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  • Mielinski - karyn…great news about your mom! Mine still has trouble deciding the difference between a browser and an ISP. but hey, this weekend would be a great weekend for a fence party!!! but now you are going to say something like “we are going away for the weekend” or “No” …. just know that i am at a low point and could really use a fence party!

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