New face, New place!

No, that doesn’t mean we’re leaving Texas anytime soon, it means that at some point, hopefully this summer, I will be redesigning and moving my blog. Gone are the days of switching templates because of the mood I’m in and copy, paste, copy, paste… Now I will be able to redo the whole thing if I want to! Yipee! Anyhow, I need help. I’m going to give this thing a name other than ‘Karyn’. So I’m enlisting your help, since you are the people who read this thing (I still don’t know why that is). I’d like to keep it short and sweet. The one word that I’ve come up with that I like so far (and my sister feels to be an acurate descriptor) is ‘Ramble’, or some form of that word. Now just start brainstorming and tell me (just post) what you think. If you come up with something completely different, tell me! And for those of you just waiting to come up with some nasty pun about me, keep these guidelines in mind. I’m willing to be a little self-depricating, but this is still my blog. If you want to have a whole site devoted to making fun of me, you’ll have to design it yourself. (let me know when you get it going). =)
Thanks for any potential help I might receive. bye.

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  • Anonymous - What’s the old thing from SNL? Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy? I like that. Or Musings.

  • Anonymous - Here are my hail-pocked brainstorms for today:
    Random Ramblings
    Stray Thoughts
    But I Digress…
    A Wandering Mind
    Karyn’s Klips (it’s brainstorming… no criticism!)

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