Coffee + Confinement = Progress

(and frequent trips to the restroom).

I would like to announce, that as of 8:45pm last night (CT), I finished the VERY, initial, sandpaper rough draft of my Integrative Seminar Paper! At this time its estimated length is 23 pages. It still needs to have all the citations inserted and there are chunks (small though they may be) missing that need to be filled in, but darnit, it’s at least worthy of a D at this point! The editing and all that will be a chore, but hey, the hard part is over! Small moment of celebration, and then on to all the other stuff on my list. Yippee for me!

(Today was the first time in about a month where someone has asked me how I’m doing and I didn’t respond with a bitterly sarcastic answer. Things are looking up for the moment!)

Download PDF
  • Anonymous - Yeah!!! That’s great. Can’t wait to read it. And a big Ohio you’re welcome for yesterday. I am going to miss talking to you so much when you graduate and are working all day!

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