dropping like flies

Just kidding with the title. I just can’t believe MATT is married! ahhhhhhh! I wonder if the guys ever thought that within 3 years of graduating from Ohio State that 3 of them would already be married! Funny stuff. But i mean, when they’ve found such wonderful women, there’s no way they could let them go. =)

So anyhow, the wedding went great, and everything was beautiful, especially the bride. Those groomsmen were pretty good looking too. It was pretty funny, all the wives just got to hang around and we didn’t have to do anything but make sure the boys were where they needed to be, when they needed to be there. It was quite fun not really having any responsibilities! Plus, it was just great to see everyone and saying..”we need to live closer” and “we need to see each other more often”. We’re running out of roomates to get married (ahem, one left). hehe.

I am still here in Ohio, since I have another wedding to attend next weekend! LISA is getting married! Craziness! So my posts might not be so pessimistic this week, although I will still be doing homework from afar.
Talk to you later

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