Ok, I wrote this a few weeks ago, so it doesn’t count as wasting my time and writing, i’m just posting.

Ode to Procrastination

Oh the wonderful joy of not doing
I may be cleaning, or humming or jumping jacks
But I’m not doing
Organize all of my music, movies?
Sure, as long as I’m not doing
Call my friends up for a chat?
Sure, as long as I’m not doing
Blog and write poems about this and that
Whatever, as long as I’m not doing
I’ll do anything else with excitement and energy
I’ll even plan everything out
Just don’t force me to sit
To actually get through it
Who cares, as long as I’m not doing

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  • Anonymous - Great poem! Isn’t college, and grad school especially, where we all become pros at procrastination?It comes back and kicks us in the butt later, but it’s wonderful while it’s happening! –J

  • K - Honey. you were up way too early to be posting on here. sleep in. aren’t you on break from summer school? crazy woman. Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

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