Alright then

So clearly no one is taking the bait, so I’ll move on. I’m starting to get used to the idea of “leisure” time again. Although it is now very obvious to me how much cleaning and organizing I actually have to do around here. I’m on my second day of organizing the master bedroom. This is going to take awhile, though I’m planning on a quick house wide clean tomorrow.

So, I some other questions that I think more of you might be willing to answer.

1. What is your favorite (girls) or least favorite (guys) Romantic Comedy movie ?

2. What is your favorite Comedy movie?

3. What is your favorite Action movie?

(and yes, you can give more than one answer per question. I know i would)

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  • Anonymous - Romantic: Tie between Sabrina and French Kiss

    Comedy: I’ll think on that one..

    Action: Legends of the Fall

  • K - How is the Legends of the Fall an Action movie? Now if the category were “Movies where women obsess over Brad Pitt” then it would fit. Or…drama.

  • Anonymous - There is action: they go to war; bear fighting; gunfights; etc. It counts! What’s YOUR favorites?

  • K - Romatic: Bridget Jones Diary 1 & 2, and Love Actually are my current favs

    Comedy: Old School is still quite the funny one…also, The Man Who Knew Too Little

    Action: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

  • Courtney - Romantic: Coyote Ugly and Two Weeks Notice

    Comedy: Princess Bride and Finding Nemo

    Action: Any of the Mummy movies with Brendan Frasier or The Rock.

  • Mielinski - Romantic: Fever Pitch … Go Bo Sox!!

    Comedy (Hands down): Airplane. but also Stripes, Clue, and Office Space

    Action: Star wars (cause i a geek). but if you dont think that really counts, then we can go with SWAT, or even Die Hard

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