Two posts in one week! It’s a miracle!

Well now. Greetings from one who has begun to glimpse the possibility of a flicker of light somewhere down the tunnel, up the elevator shaft and through the rest of the graduate mine. After all of this time and energy spent on getting my assignments done and completing this wonderful and painful degree, this 2nd to last week, I figured out how to manage my procrastination and use it to my benefit. Now, the signs have been blinking bright at me for some time now, I just wasn’t getting it. To fully utilize daylight…and twilight….and dawn hours to accomplish my assignments, there needs to be specific time set aside for pure, uninterrupted, useless and mindless activity. Basically, instead of getting home, (or wherever i have chosen to study for the evening) and getting straight to work…only to find myself distracted throughout the evening…thus drawing out my time spent trying to get my homework done—– I should get to my study destination, and then set aside a set amount of time to goof off. Now, there are certain “risky” procrastination activities that should not be attempted for this purpose. Number one on this list is television. This is dangerous becuase you cannot perceive time while watching tv. Also, it is easier to rationalize if you ‘accidentally’ start watching a really long program to say…oh, i’ll get back to work when it’s over. Bad idea. You will find yourself starting that ‘easy’ paper at 11pm instead of 8pm like you had planned. So, basically, play some ‘chicken invaders’ (my new favorite on yahoo games) and then get back to work!

which is what i must do, now that i’ve procrastinated.

p.s. I got an A! on my budgeting test! yipee!

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