Alrighty then

Hello everyone! It’s Monday, and I’m not completely upset about that. Why? Because it’s the start of a new, potentially uneventful week! Wyatt and Nicole and their crew were up from Thursday night to Saturday morning to escape the storm. Although they did have to spend WAY too much time in traffic to get here, their house was spared any damage and still had electricity when they returned. We had a good time, the cat and dog met each other and decided that they weren’t going to be friends just yet. Kendall thought Bonsai was “so cute!” and he liked her too, he was just on the lookout for Jada, the dog. We colored princesses, and played with Jenga blocks and remote control cars. Friday night we went out to dinner and then to get some yummy ice cream. Luckily, they made it back on Saturday in much less time than their outbound trip. Next time we just have to visit each other and not wait for a hurricane to motivate us. hehe.

Saturday was an all around good day. The Frantoms made it safely home. The Buckeyes beat Iowa!!!! And John and I were able to hang out and watch the game, and go out to dinner. It was very nice. Sunday was a day of getting things done, but I did get a free facial at the mall with Charlene. That was fun.

So, I’m hoping for mostly normal this week. Boring would be great. Still working on contract stuff and a few other projects. I have a list, so I better get to it. Later all.

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