New Segment!!! Safety tip of the Day!!!!! #1

Just because, no reason in particular, I thought it would be good to impart some knowledge that I have learned from various people about ways to protect yourself and your belongings from not so pleasant things or people. So here are my first two tips:

#1- Videotape or photograph your entire house, each room and all of the items in each room so that you know for sure, everything you have and pretty much where it all goes. It is also a good idea to store that tape or pictures or cd in a safe place, like a safe deposit box or fire proof safe in your house. This idea is good for several reasons. First, if there is a fire or other disaster, you will be able to name everything in your house for the insurance people. Second, if someone took some stuff, you would be able to quickly tell what they took by looking at the pics and seeing what was missing- and you could also report this stuff by name. The 3rd reason is a little more happy. If you want to do some rearranging of furniture, or interior decorating, you can take the pics to the store and use them to shop for furniture or fabrics or whatever!!

#2- In your neverending quest to acquire more stuff, as you bring your purchases home, take time as you unpack and assemble or install to write down serial numbers from everything that has a serial number. Keep this information in a water proof (covered pages) binder with all of your instruction manuals and warranties. The reasoning for this tip is the same as for #1, except for the decorating. Also, if you ever need to send something in for repair, you can check on it and make sure you get the right item back because you know the serial number.

So, hope this information is helpful to someone. later.

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