Dr Pepper tastes more like…..cough syrup!

Ok folks. Major dilemma. Rita and I had a discussion today about Dr Pepper. First of all, she can’t believe that I don’t like it – but that’s just that anti-Yankee in her.  Second, when I said that Dr Pepper tastes like black cherry (artificial of course) she gasped!! No way! She said. Rita has been a DP drinker her whole life. She also scoffed at my affinity for Pepsi….mmmmm….Pepsi………
Anyhow, I said that I was sure that Dr Pepper tasted like black cherry and she said no way. We went to the gas station to see if the bottle said anything. Nope, just ‘artificial and natural flavors’.  So I went home and got online.
Let me give you a little background here. I love cherries – real cherries.  I HATE artificially flavored cherry anything. Why? One word. Triaminic.  That so-called yummy children’s cough medicine. OH I hated that stuff. And what is the main flavoring? Cherry.  So anytime I taste artificial cherry flavoring, I am bombarded with memories of spoonfuls of nasty cherriness. Yuck. Anyhow, that is why I don’t like Dr Pepper, because it tastes like artificial black cherry to me.  
Ok, so I went to the DP website and this is what I found. It’s sort of a middle ground resolution, here is the snippet:

“Charles Alderton, a young pharmacist working at Morrison’s store, is believed to be the inventor of the now famous drink. Alderton spent most of his time mixing up medicine for the people of Waco, but in his spare time he liked to serve carbonated drinks at the soda fountain. He liked the way the drug store smelled, with all of the fruit syrup flavor smells mixing together in the air. He decided to to create a drink that tasted like that smell. He kept a journal, and after numerous experiments he finally hit upon a mixture of fruit syrups that he liked.”  (A History of Dr Pepper, the World’s Oldest Major Soft Drink, www.drpepper.com)

So basically, the flavoring may not specifically be JUST black cherry, but the syrup flavors are based off of MEDICINE syrups!!!! No wonder I don’t like it!  So, I think that there is definitely some cherry flavoring in Dr Pepper.  What do you all think ?  Do we have any DP lovers or haters out there? Let me know what you think.  Also—if you google “dr pepper tastes like black cherry” it’s amazing how many sites you will find that talk about imitation colas that use black cherry flavoring to taste like DP.  

On a side note. Rita and I are still getting used to the Pop v. Coke thing, and I heard about this linguistic map that show approximately what everyone in different parts of the country call ‘flavored carbonated beverages’.  HERE is the link (courtesy of http://popvssoda.com/countystats/total-county.html)
It’s certainly interesting to see where the division lines are. You can click on your states too, for detailed stat info.
Later all, I have to go finish my pop. =)

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  • broccoflower - You call it “pop!”

    I hate artificial grape anything.

  • Courtney - Hi My Name is Courtney and I’m a Dr. Pepper drinker. I am also partial to calling carbonated drinks “coke” as in what kind of “coke” would you like to drink. I love a Dublin Dr. Pepper. A Dublin Dr. Pepper is Dr. Pepper made with real cane sugar Yummmmmm.

  • Rita Pita - First of all, you are jumping to conclusions. Nobody ever said that the syrup was cough syrup. All they said was that it was fruit syrup. People did go to the pharmacy to drink non cough syrup drinks. Second of all, your beloved Pepsi was also born in a pharmacy (and the Pepsi website is SO LAME). Third, coke is bad for you. None of us should be drinking any brand of cola. Forth, the whole argument is mute according to this- http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2004-10/cp-cvp101204.php . I think we should try this experiment one day when work is slow.

    Since you have found other weirdos who also claim to taste cherry in their DPs, I guess I will owe you a coke. But under no circumstance will I buy a pop.

  • Mielinski - im with you Kelbaugh…stuff tastes like crap. i dont know how people stomach the stuff. now about black cherry….i dont know. personally if they could make it taste like the Tussin…..i would pound a whole case of that stuff! but i hope you find the info you are looking for…and cruch your enemies!

  • Anonymous - OK, I have to admit that I do like Dr. Pepper occasionally, but it’s not a favorite or anything. However, I cannot stand calling pop anything but pop. It’s great to be back up north where people don’t call it soda! Coke is weird too, why ask for a coke when you really want a sprite or rootbeer? It just doesn’t make sense to me!

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