Cat learns new trick!

Actually, I learned a new trick. how to trick the cat into sleeping in one place for hours at a time. I don’t know why, but it works. Over turkey weekend, we had to lock bonsai up in his carrier (which is quite comfy with his little cushion thing) while we ate the big meal. Normally I would put him in the guest bedroom, but that was designated a cat-free-zone since john’s sis is allergic and that was her room. So, Sunday, he was going crazy while we put up our Christmas tree, so I put him in the carrier again – so he couldn’t interfere, but still watch. I’m nice like that. ahem. Anyhow, when we were finished with the tree, i opened the door on the carrier and he didn’t leave. He laid in there for hours! So basically, if i lock him in there for like 20 min or so, just until he chills out, he stays when i unlock it. and sometimes he just goes in there on his own! I think putting the carrier in the living room facing the tree and the tv actually helps, cause he’s still around us and he can see stuff. Weird as it is, i’m thankful for those hours where he just sits there. I’m going to have to refill the water bottle soon with all the interest he shows in the tree. and we haven’t even put up the ornaments yet!

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  • Mielinski - let me know when he can get and open a beer for me

  • broccoflower - have you checked out yet ?

  • K - Alright gauri. he’s been submitted. keep an eye out!

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