Sweets marathon

Ok, so today was our big Christmas candy/cookie baking day. Good times. We baked and stirred and decorated from noon until about 10:30pm. Craziness. We started off the day with our attempt at martha stew’s self-proclaimed “best eggnog recipe ever” that she showcased on the today show. Just a note – not the best eggnog ever. Most of our problem was with the ‘folding in’ of the egg whites….and the proportions of the alcohol. trust me, you don’t want to know what the recipe actually calls for. But I have a theory. I think she came up with this particular recipe WHILE in prison. That is the only reason that someone would want that much bourbon….cognac…AND rum, in their eggnog. Also, we have a theory that some of her recipes are so complicated so that people fail at them and it makes her look better. But i know why she didn’t follow the recipe on tv exactly like it says….because it makes the eggnog chunky with white floaty bits. not yummy looking. So, we just diluted with good old fashioned store bought eggnog. Quite tasty.

Anyhow, the rest of the baking day went very well. Charlene and I had prepared our cookie dough the night before. Me- angie’s sugar cookies and Charlene-ginger cookies. So we baked the cookies all day.

We also made THREE batches of peanut brittle, 2 batches of vanilla caramels and we decorated almost all of the sugar cookies with our own creative flair. hehe. they’re funny.

I’ll put some pictures up soon.

my sugar high is wearing off. night.

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  • Anonymous - I thought about you and your love for eggnog when I saw Martha on the today show! Did you know that they have an eggnog bucket at Target? It’s like a margarita bucket but it makes a frozen eggnog drink. I don’t know what it would taste like, but anything eggnog reminds me of you since you’re one of the few I know that actually like it! Talking about those sweets makes me hungry! That’s all I’ve wanted to eat lately is sweets! –J

  • broccoflower - Thanks to you, I bought a piece of peanut butter pie today. I hope you’re happy.

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