What your children are up to

Ahhh. Skipping class. Regardless of whether you ever cut class in your life, you all know kids who did. I was blessed enough to be seated next to some highschool kids the other day at the bookstore who were engaged in such an activity. I say activity, only because they were actively skipping class. They were quite stationery the whole time. Loud, but stationery.
So, as I worked on my projects, I was privileged to hear pretty much all of their conversation. I present you today with the highlights of their lively discussion. To answer the burning question – What DO they do when they’re not in school???

  • How do I know they were skipping? [Aside from the fact that it was 1:45pm on a school day.] Because as all the other kids were leaving to return from lunch, this group began teasing each other as half of them left to go back, saying ” But all the other kids are doing it” -sarcastically of course.
  • There was a heated discussion over whether the art on one of the pink floyd albums is a triangle or a prism. [subsequent explanation of a prism to other group members]
  • Someone got a phone call from a friend who’s got Mono. “I’m totally staying away from you for the 10 days!”
  • Girl: “Oh my gosh! I was at Blank’s house getting high! That’s where I was!!” Blank: “What? I wasn’t there! I was in 6th period. How did you get into my house?” Girl: “I think someone has a key.”
  • They discussed the perils of tongue piercings – all the ways it can go wrong, and then what kinds they wanted. Lovely.

That’s all. I guess I should’ve been wearing my Christmas present from Charlene. She got me a shirt that says “I’m blogging this.”

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