"Winter Blast"

BIG news in Fort Worth today! hehe. OMG! The sky is falling!! Now, I must say that when ice is falling from the sky…it’s never a good thing. Even careful northerners are having trouble driving in it, and not just because of the texans who don’t know how to drive in it. the funny part is the reactions and extensive news coverage. they are keeping the news going and providing up-to-the-minute constant coverage of the stuff. Now, it’s a fun one out there. We’ve got freezing rain, sleet AND snow. mostly sleet though.
You know you live in the south when the weatherperson has to explain the difference between the three. That’s just sad.
And if I see any more footage of someone scraping off their windshield….so glad we have a garage.
They just showed footage of a “Watch for ice on bridge” sign. Kind of like “So THAT’s what they mean!”
I just love the news down here (snicker). Now, granted, I know that up north the weather is A#1 top news too, and the first time it does anything winter, they go nuts, but it’s still funny. My favorite thing (and I know all news shows do this) is when they are doing a story on something and they send a reporter out to the location that the story is about, but there is no reason. Last night there was a 20 second story about fewer flights available for the holidays… So they sent a woman to stand in some area around the airport AT NIGHT when you couldn’t see anything behind her to talk about it.
Now today they’ve actually got a guy in the airport interviewing stressed out travelers who are stuck because of the ice. not a smart move. someone could get hurt. If you keep reminding people how long they’ve been in line and mentioning those worse-case-scenario reporter phrases, you won’t be making any friends.
Ok, so back to work. This whole being able to work from home sure comes in handy sometimes.

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  • Mielinski - ahh…the news during a winter storm. i think the build up coverage is some of the best. footage of people out buying anything they can….despite the fact they never buy these products period. “Thank goodness we have lots of creamed corn!”

    but you are totally right on the coverage during the storm. news breaks every 15 seconds on the fact that one more flake hit the ground. my favorite on site reporters were the ones they put in random big parking lots and said the snow was “really piling up”…..and they would show footage of a monster snow pile a bulldozer had just made from all the snow in the entire parking lot. and how bad do you have to be hated to be that reporter standing outside in the middle of no where…or better yet, on the side of a busy highway…reporting on the conditions. but i guess they have it a bit better than cutting away to Jimmy Shortsleeve who is in the outer edge of Hurricane X. no reason for some guy to be reporting from there…im not impressed

    and even now….as i sit here at work. there is barely anyone here. and just now….some lady just told someone that she wasnt coming in tomorrow until the sun had been out a while. For all their “charm”….southern people are retarded

  • broccoflower - craziness!

    If you want, I’ll try my best to send some Michigan flurries your way.

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