a good weekend

Nothing special to write about. I had a good weekend. Worked a little at the vet, celebrated our friend Renee’s 30th birthday!!!!!, and played with the food saver today. I KNOW it’s extremely dorky and thrifty and all that but I don’t care. Fresh green beans were on sale today so I bought 3 lbs. of them and used Charlene’s cool steamer and then vacuum sealed them. So cool. Anyhow, also a good day at the grocery – paid $60 for $120 worth of groceries – totally legal of course. This Grocery Game thing does have it’s benefits. (and if you sign up because of this link- please site me as a referral- thanks). It’s just fun when you can unpack your groceries and be like, “I got these for free, and that for free..” Anyhow, I actually feel prepared for the upcoming week. Dinners are planned, my work schedule is set, and I’m ready to go. I signed up for a 2 full-day prep course for the LMSW test I’m going to be taking. The class is this coming weekend, just like going back to school! ha. And then next week, Rita and I are going to Austin for an evaluator’s meeting for one of our projects, so that should be fun. I made it clear we will be staying far away from any hotel with exterior doors to each room. At least make the cockroaches take the elevator. -ggggguuuuuhhhhh!!!
Anyhow, I hope you all have a good week, I’m looking forward to starting a new book now that I’ve finished Eragon (see reading list link) , or… finishing one of the many books I’ve only started. But there is that Reader’s Digest that just came in the mail…(Thanks Mom & Dad). I can’t wait to hear all about their Vegas trip….although they probably won’t tell me much, haha. Mom just said something about them trying to “win it all back” this evening. Heehee. Later.

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  • broccoflower - Kirk and I want to do the grocery game but we’re waiting until we have a house with a pantry 🙂

  • K - A deep freeze is also helpful. =)

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