It’s too warm outside for January.

Yep. that is my not so creative title for this morning’s post. good morning all. my coffee hasn’t fully kicked in yet, so my grammar and general writing ability may not be up to par yet, so forgive me. so yeah, anyway, since like Sunday it’s been in the UPPER 70’s everyday. not cool. yesterday it wasn’t quite that warm, but that’s only because we had a rare cloudy day. it’s such the opposite of ohio. they freak out down here if they don’t see the sun for more than one day in a row. i, on the other hand, could go for a few more cloudy days. ESPECIALLY, say, in the months of July and August. oh joy. so today isn’t looking to be quite as bad, but it’s still going to be up in the 60’s. yes, i know, don’t complain, yada yada. but 78 degrees! that’s just not right. i went from comfy cold coat/sweater weather to t-shirt shorts weather. Tell me that’s not going to make someone sick. So, enough complaining about the nice weather. I guess the thing I like the most about winter down here is the lack of hassle for doing errands. Let me explain. In ohio, when you need to go to the grocery and go to the store, etc….. in the winter, it is a process. (For those of you with children, I know that is a process all year round) You have to go warm up the car, make sure you opened the garage door BEFORE you started the car (if you are fortunate enough to have a garage), if not, you must scrape the snow and ice off of your car, make sure you have EVERYTHING you need with you, cause there is no way you’re coming back if you forget something, treacherously back out of your driveway/parking lot, (if you live in an apartment complex you must negotiate the NEVER salted/scraped sidewalks), then make your way to your destinations. Sadly, the easiest part of this entire process is the driving. At each destination, you have to brave the parking lot black ice slippery spots, make it inside, get warm, shop, leave, brave the parking lot while carrying stuff, warm up the car again while enduring the cold air coming out of the vents and deal with the southerners (hehe) trying to negotiate the parking lot. Once you get home, you have to figure out how to get your purchases into your house/apartment without falling down and killing yourself.

So, yeah, I don’t miss that right now. Down here the WORST part is the driving. These people are crazy! But it is a slightly opposite version of the northern winter situation down here in the worst part of summer. The only difference is that you don’t have to worry about falling on the ice. You just have to worry about burning your skin if you touch ANYTHING. Heaven help those with leather seats. So, enough ranting. Hope you all have a great day. I’m going to go sort some more.

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