A place for Bonsai

It is finished.

50 ft. of “blister-your-fingers-
while-trying-to-use-it” rope = $6.00

The RIGHT size staples to
secure carpet to pressboard = $4.00

Turning an old desk that you
hated into a place for your
cat to play and not destroy
the real furniture = priceless

Well, mostly priceless. John did a great job putting together this little perch for Bonsai out of my old desk which we were getting rid of anyway. The 4 x 4 is from our leftover fence wood. Thank you to Charlene and Adam for their carpet remnants, and thanks to Joann Fabrics for having a big remnant of upholstery for $1.70. Ok, so i forgot to mention the $1.70. Still, to buy something like this ANYWHERE (i checked), was at the very least $37-$40. So I’d say it was worth it. The cat seems to like it. Now we just have to see if it entices him away from the coffee table…

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  • broccoflower - wow, looks fancy!

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