Just when it was all going so well….

Just another Monday. Got some good work done, sort of, making progress. Charlene and I went to our Piloga class this morning, it was good. I did some laundry, but the washing machine was trying to escape with the ‘whites’ so I had to actually go and sit on it to make it stay still. This did not work at ALL. You would think adding 1** lbs to a washing machine that was spinning some CLOTHES would overpower it and make it settle down. Nope, it about kicked me off. So I had to remove some of the soaking wet stuff and put it in the tub- to finish washing later. very annoying i must say.
other than that, I … bought a box cutter I didn’t need – that really is the worst design for a box cutter ever, and I bought staples for the staple gun that were too small. I spent too much at the grocery on mostly good food, but i’m extremely disappointed in the Bonne Bell low sugar fudge bars I got. They’re soooo small!!! Being able to eat a fudgcicle in less than 3 bites is just wrong, even if it is a healthier one. grrrrrrrrrr. hmmmm, what else. Everything pretty much went ok today. The wind was trying to blow my car off the road on my way to the store to buy the box cutter I didn’t need, but I held my ground. Tonight I’ve got some dinner to make and some studying to do. That test is coming up, but I’m not telling you when. I don’t exactly want you all calling me RIGHT after I fail it. “So?…….” hehe. anyhow, hope you all have a good evening and week. And I’ll just leave you with this question?

What was your favorite SuperBowl commercial this year?

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  • Bob R. Smith - I agreed with the masses according to the poll I saw.

    Magic Fridge.

    I do not say this as an endorsement of Bud Light.

  • Courtney - I also really liked the Magic Fridge although the FEDEX Caveman was a close second.

  • broccoflower - I think the Fedex caveman was my fav.

  • Mielinski - Magic fridge and the sprint anti-theft protection phone

  • Anonymous - I liked Magic Fridge, but I also found the Budweiser commercial with the streaking sheep to be pretty funny, especially when he was dancing/wiggling around. –J

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