Filling the Quota

Well, since it’s a few days into April, I suppose I should post before it’s gone. Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly this week. I’ve actually, (gasp!), had a lot of work to do. Plus, it just hasn’t been a very good week. There have really only been small bits of “just plain rotten” mixed in with my week, but one (or 3) bad moments will taint the whole week. I’m trying to stay calm and not get myself worked up into a frenzy, but it’s still not easy. I just thought I owed what readers I have left (thanks family) a few words of hello. I will say the weather down here has been great this week. Mid 70’s most days and sunny, though it’s thundering right now, but that’s just a tease. The baseball game we went to on Tuesday was a fun time. Of course we would go on the one out of three nights that the Red Sox lose. [ I hope you had a good time last night in your $50 seats watching them win Dan]. hehe. Anyhow, that was one of the high points in my week so far. I am proud that I’ve made progress on some of the little things I needed to do this week. I did find a website with a replacement ice maker for our fridge….and I scheduled a second tree trimming estimate so that we can actually compare prices before we pay….he’ll be here at 1pm. i hope. Plus, I’m doing some volunteer work with Rita at a homeless shelter. I really wish the gov’t gave tax deductions for HOURS of volunteer work, not just mileage, but either way, I’ll have a lot by next year. Well, since I do have a lot to do this morning, I better get going. hope you all have a great day!

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  • Anonymous - Thanks for posting for those of us who check to see what you’re up to! Hope your week gets better! –J

  • Anonymous - I agree — good to see you’re alive. We do think about you, you know. We’re having a very nice week around here, as Eric is in a lull time and we’ve been catching up on projects around here. We bought Levi’s 4-wheeler today, so pray for me…I mean him. : )

    Love you — H

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