enough already, write something!

Ok, it’s only been a week, really. I know you missed me.  Really though, I was driving home last night and I had all these things that  I wanted to write about and I can barely remember any of them.  That’s what happens when the grocery store comes between the thought and your computer.  Although I do remember one thing. It’s hard to forget because my legs keep reminding me – my workout! It was “good” for me, but sooooooooo wrong. I don’t want to try and explain the whole thing without some diagrams, but lets just say there were resistance bands, a bench and kicking involed. It was painful, and then without any warning, it got so much worse.  You’re just going along thinking, “this is really hard and it hurts” and then she tells you to change one move and you’re like “oh my goodness, save me from death”, with the last line most likely said out loud.  Agony, good agony, but still agony. But I don’t have to do that particular workout for two weeks. I just have to make up some other workout to compensate for the break! ah. I’m never good at that.

Anyhow, part of the reason for my break is that I am leaving tomorrow to go to Ohio! I’ve got a few good friends getting married….on the same day…..not to each other…..in different cities. Good times.  hehe. Hey, the way I see it, is that is saves airline fares. So thanks guys!  I’m just glad you spaced them out a few hours so that I can come to both!  So i’m excited about that. But I do have some more work to do before I go, so see you later! Or tomorrow, for some of you!

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  • broccoflower - Have a great trip! We’re getting ready to head to Seattle to apartment hunt!

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