Just chillin’

So yeah, spent a little time at the hospital this morning for that procedure thing. Everything went fine. Although I have to say I’m still a fan of that whole sedation thing. Missed the whole thing. Waking up wasn’t too bad. No nausea or anything this time. I’m glad they are safe, but at least 5 different people asked me the same questions over and over. I was thinking “do you think i’m lying when i say that i don’t have any allergies?” hehe. J hung out with me before hand when I was all ‘hooked up and tagged’. Our first hospital experience (no jokes please) – kinda weird, but funny. So I came home, J made me some food, and I slept and have been chillin’ all day. Feeling better now. Back to work tomorrow – and back to the gym!

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  • Anonymous - Yeah! Glad for your report. Been thinking about you all day, and yes, praying for you this morning as I walked 2 miles around our fence! See, you’re inspiring. : )


  • broccoflower - Feel better soon!

  • Anonymous - Happy to hear that everything went well! Hope that you’re feeling ok now.
    Love, JaNae

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