Just don’t say it out loud

I realize as soon as I discuss this topic in a concrete form, that all the desire I have for exercising right now will leave me and never return. I’m going to have to take that chance. Big dramatics aside, it’s been a good week, mostly, mostly. [sorry, tv reference]. Anyhow, there’s been lots of work so that is good and stressful at the same time. I’ve worked until midnight 2 out of 3 nights so far this week. Now, if I had skipped my workouts, maybe I wouldn’t have been up so late, but there’s no way i’m skipping my workouts.

What? What is that you say? This doesn’t sound like Karyn…

I know, I’m the one who can talk the most devout exerciser into skipping their workout and going shopping and getting ice cream. It’s a gift, really. No, what has happened is that over the past several months I have slowly been building my committment and desire to exercise more each week. About 4 or 5 weeks ago, I’m not sure, I made it up to 3 workouts a week. I go to classes, because A: It gives me a set time to workout, B: There is someone telling me what to do and keeping me motivated, and C: honestly, they’re fun. I like the instructors and the people in class are fun. I primarily alternate between cardio/mix/kickboxing classes for my cardio work and a strength/weights on-the-ball class. Plus, at least two days a week I go to a 15 mins abs class. Ruthless, but worth it. So, that totals 3 days a week of workouts. Then, a few weeks ago, another opportunity presented itself. A friend needed a girl to sub on her sand volleyball team and the game just happened to fall on the one night I don’t work out. So I went and played and the other girl apparently quit…so now I’m on their team! And we finally won all three of our games this week, which was great! [Aside from my painful dive – i think i got a concussion from the sand, and J hurting his shoulder – he subs sometimes.] So, I’m excited about be excited about working out. I know it won’t last forever, but it’s nice not to have to convince myself to go everyday. I actually look forward to it now. Plus, having goals is helpful.

When I get on here next, which may not be that far in the future…i need to talk about the SCUBA!

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