Coming to you live from…..Sunday night

Let’s see. It’s Sunday night. Just sitting here in our recently organized and cleaned up guest room. Haven’t left the house since Friday night. Except for that brief trip to the drug store last night before the ice came. It hasn’t been soooo bad, but we did have to reschedule our plans to visit friends last night. Of course, we’ve been inside in the usually warm comfort of our home. I’m sure those folks who had to be out on the roads thought it was a bit worse. It could’ve been though. All day today it was drizzling or raining most of the time, but the temp was right at 32 degrees. I’m sure everything will really freeze up tonight, but with as much freezing rain as we got all day, there wasn’t much ice on the trees and stuff. Hope it isn’t too bad tonight. At least tomorrow is a holiday for most people and they won’t have to miss work. Lockheed does work tomorrow, so we’ll have to see what the weather is like tomorrow. I just have to remember that most of the people I work with will be off and not answering their phones or email tomorrow. Hopefully I can get some good work done and then get a bunch of emails sent out to be waiting for everyone on Tuesday morning! yipee!

Let’s see, what else did we do this weekend. Today was actually very productive. Got up, got inspired by a little home improvement tv and went to work organizing the guest room. Ever since the Christmas quilt project it had got a bit out of hand and I went through all my crafts and pitched a lot of things and all that good stuff. We also were able to finish a few projects that we’d been putting off, so that was good. All those little things that you want to get done and just sit there in a state of incompletion until you make yourself sit down and do them. And what a better time than when you are stuck inside your house!

Watched the first episode of season three of Rome on HBO tonight. (Spoiler) Good stuff. Julius Ceaser just got killed, and now the Brutus fans and the Antony folks are pretending to make nice and also take control of Rome. Fun fun. Lucious Veranos lost his wife in the last season and Pollo gained a wife. Then in this episode Veranos also lost his kids and he’s basically gone completely mad. Pollo is the sane one now, who also has ties to Octavian – formerly Ceaser’s great-nephew and now declared his son. Which will surely prove important in the coming season.

Well, must get back to pricing things on ebay. After all this cleaning, there are a few things I’m thinking about selling. Have a good Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone.

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