I just love this picture

b&w cleaning

Originally uploaded by kayak57.

He can be cute, sometimes.

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  • njm - why!

  • k - Well, aside from the part about it being my cat and although his is ornwry he is still cute….

    I like the way the focal points are at different places, like just one part of his whiskers, and his neck, etc. And the close up part. I love close ups, and that I got him, mid-lick.

    That’s all. =)

  • Heather - Leah was looking at the picture when I just opened you blog and the first thing she said was, “Is that a bad cat?”

    Love you

  • k - H-
    You have to start teaching them that not all animals are bad…i.e…God’s creatures……=) Maybe I should write my own ‘animal-are-friends’ curriculum and send it up. We could do a webcam session everyweek =) hehe.

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