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I’m borrowing this simple idea from the Lantern, the OSU campus newspaper, in honor of the Championship Game being played tonight! Go Bucks!

(If you don’t understand something non-buckeyes just fake it)
Oh, and since most of us are post-post graduates….just put yourself back on campus and pretend. Let’s be a bit nostalgic shall we…

Name: Frandog (Shout outs to Big Red and Sequoia!)
Year: Sophomore
Age: 19
Major: Theater!! Remember that one Mom?!?!
Hometown: Sidney

What has been your most memorable college experience?

Watching the Indiana?(pretty sure) game in the pouring rain from the very top row of the Shoe with my roomate, and nobody left the game until the very end. Fabulous. Oh, and having to fill in for a girl in the costume department and do wardrobe changes for the REALLY interesting (read=doesn’t shower) actor doing the one man show. Yikes.

If you could party with anyone in history who would it be and why?
Billie Holiday. Don’t worry, I won’t end up in rehab like she did…

What do you want to be when you grow up?
(staying in soph context…) A lighting/costume designer. Haven’t decided yet. I love all of the behind the scenes stuff. I got to work with the guy who designed/created the light show that was on the Schott when it first opened!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
I’d like to go to Europe and just go all over and look at the countrysides and all of the history.

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
Um, Archie Griffin? I can’t think. I’m sure I’ve met others, but he’s pretty good I’d say!

Why did you pick Ohio State?
Good question. Many of my friends were overwhelmed or intimidated by the sheer size of OSU, but that’s why I wanted to go there. So many people to meet, and sOOOOO many majors to choose from. I did good though, I only had three, total. =)

Favorites (soph yr.)
Music: Jazz
Shoes: big
Pizza: Catfish Biffs
Drink: pepsi
Web site: AIM
Movie: Go
Author: Nikki Giovani
Word: Creative
Sports team: Buckeye football!!

Finish these sentences

I’m really good at: staying up all night
My turn on is: open minded/non-judgemental
My turn off is: jerks
Three things I could never live without: my fam/friends, my camera, my bike!

Word Association
Football: Buckeyes!
Facebook: non-existent
Bush: Candidate
Gym: somewhere
Library: somewhere…
Apple: commons
Draft: I don’t do “drafts”, I do final copies. =)
Work: “Relax”ing
Wexner: clever
Pedestrians: win
TV: constantly
COTA: super duper

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  • JaNae - I remember that game–and those crazy seats! What a great time! Thanks for all the great memories!

  • gauri - Catfish Biffs was my 3rd favorite pizza place. I was more of a Donatos girl (or possibly Adriaticos).

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