Kittiot Savant

Why can’t he learn useful tricks? No clue. But apparently my cat likes lemonade. How do I know this? Well, yesterday I came home to find his water bowl full of lemonade! How did it get there you ask?

I use those “On the go” packets that I mix with my water bottles to give them flavor sometimes. Well, they are rather strong if you use the whole packet with one bottle, so I use part of it and set the unused rest of it on top of the toaster over by the fridge. He had (bad kitty!) been up on the counter AGAIN! He’s been doing this alot since Christmas. Never when we are home of course – I just find things….. such as the open ‘On the Go’ packet sitting next to his lemonade filled water bowl. Did I mention he likes to ‘baptize’ things? I’m just amazed he picked it up by the open end. Otherwise there would’ve been powder all over the kitchen counter/floor. It appeared as though he tried the lemonade but wasn’t too fond of it – to be expected. So yeah, that was his latest achievement. Who knows what will come next…

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  • Mielinski - next will be a dead mail man on your kitchen floor!!! did you get him from a pet store built on an Indian burial ground?

  • gauri - Falarious. We’re holding off on the whole “getting a cat after the wedding” because our place is now jam packed with gifts off our registries that were shipped to us.

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