Poetry in Music

(New to me) musician Kris Delmhorst. I first heard about her on NPR of all places. She has a new album called Strange Conversations. She basically wrote all of the songs based off of classic poems. They are either word for word, or messed with a bit. All very different, but fun to listen to, and I love her melodies. If you click on the link below you can listen to one of my favorites.
She’s from Boston, folk, indie…….

Galuppi Baldassare

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  • Karla - If you like this… check out O.A.R.’s song ‘To Earthward’… It is basically word-for-word of… (oh crap… NyQuil brain is holding me back today)… Oh yeah – Robert Frost! Awesome song… actually – it may be tough to find now, they had to take it off of their album, apparently they didn’t have Mr. Frost’s permission 🙂 but you may be able to dig it up somewhere! Gorgeous poem… and really good song!

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