I was finally able to leave the house today. Most of the ice melted, so the roads were safe. But then I headed out for a much needed trip to the grocery. Not safe. I had a list, stuck to it for the most part actually, which was good. However, on my journey through the aisles I discovered real PROOF that they are out to get us. Apparently the subversive our-job-is-to-make-you-fat squad has been feeling the pressure with all this talk of “eating right and exercising”. They have added an ultimate food weapon to their arsenal. I won’t say what section I found it in, in case the draw is too great for you….

Just sitting there in it’s lovely, not at all small container…was…

“Ready to Eat Cheesecake Filling”

No prep work. Not even No Bake in a box. This was cold cheesecake in a tub. All it was missing was the graham cracker crust, and who really needs that if you are just going to sit down with a spoon and eat it anyway….

Ah! I was horrified and delighted at the same time. Thankfully more horrified than delighted because it did not end up in my cart. And just to help you not run out to the store and get it right now….. 8 servings per container. 22g of fat PER SERVING. =) Yikes. Be on guard, who knows what’s next.

mmm, cheesecake

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  • Mielinski - i feel fat just thinking about it! but who is going to try it and find out if it actually tastes good? ……. not it!

  • gauri - Oh man. I am on my “have been dieting for a year so I am eating whatever hte hell I want” week.

  • k - Beware Gauri. I fully support your eating extravaganza….but mine was only supposed to last one week, too. It lasted about 9 months. Just a warning.

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