So what do you do? exactly?

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I spend all day finding and sourcing statistics. Like this one.

Dan…we don’t need to hear about your ‘alleged’ alcohol related injuries. =)

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  • Bob R. Smith - I don’t have any alcohol related injuries. Or ‘alleged’ alcohol related injuries. Just a lot of really, really embarassing stories. And if I spelled embarassing wrong, sue me.

  • gauri - Regarding your comment on my blog: DON’T SEND ME A POST WEDDING PRESENT! Come visit Seattle instead sometime in the future. That is more of a present to us.

  • Mielinski - but how many college students get “lucky” from alcohol realated drinking? see….this sign is just putting negative spin on an American Pastime!

    but if you dont want to hear any alcohol injury stories….how about a story of how i almost got a Killians bar mirror on ebay 🙂

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