The Fat Test

I had my first follow-up “fat test” yesterday. It was actually a ‘Body Fat % assessment’. Anyway, my numbers went down! As I think I posted before the holidays, I was supposed to redo the test before we went home for Christmas, but we had to reschedule. That turned out to be a blessing because it gave me motivation to keep my eating in check over the 10 days we were home for Christmas. So yesterday I went in and my nutritionist got out the scale and the calipers and measured. I didn’t lose everywhere, but I LOST! I lowered my body fat % almost a full percent since the end of September. Yipee! 2 more months, and then I’ll get tested again. The good thing is that I can work out more regularly now, so I should do well on my next test. I start a new class at the gym tonight. Beginning Spinning. I don’t know if I wrote about it last year, but I tried a 45 minute spinning class and it was soooooooo hard. My heart rate didn’t slow down for an hour after the class was over! So this time I am doing it gradually. The beginner class starts with 15 min of ab work and then 15 on the bike. By the end of the 8 week class session, you are up to 45 min on the bike. So, we’ll see how that goes. But I may be investing in a donut to sit on. Ouch. Well, time to get to work. Happy New Year everyone.

My New Year’s Resolution:
Start a new hobby… preferably an active one……dancing lessons…..rowing…..something with music…..who knows!

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  • Karla - Huh – I had a fat test several months ago – I think I should get another one… however – I’m not sure my success would be the same as yours. Riddle me this though – is this a dumb idea… I’m sick now – coughing, can’t breath, stuffy nose, etc… BUT I missed my class at the Y yesterday (80, count them 80 minutes of cardio strength)… so I want to go tomorrow, because I have to miss next Tuesday too… Is this dumb? Is it ‘rude’ to snot my way through a cardio class at the Y? Can I hang out in a back corner and hopefully not sneeze on anyone? I worked out today for only 30 minutes… and my head is more stuffy than it was when I started. And ‘they’ say you shouldn’t exercise hard when you’re sick… but I bet ‘they’ have never experienced the results of a fat test gone amiss….

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