What? ’s your name? What?….

Just a cool pic of my brother at Christmas. Hi J!

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  • Heather - Oh, he is cool. We’ll never be as cool as our older brother.


    No, I’m lying.

    Is there any other person in the world who cringes every time she answers a comment with the response, “really?” I don’t think so. Jason-training is specialized and takes years and years.

    Love you, siblings! ; )

  • Mielinski - he is way cooler than my older brother!

  • karyn - I am assuming sister that the “she” you meant was me. =) Oh and for the record, (not that our brother isn’t cool….) but I meant that the photo was cool. As in, the angle, the graininess, the sunset in the background….etc. But he is soo cool too. of course.

    He does well as a photo subject. I won Best of Class one year for a picture of him on the side of a grain truck…that I took with your camera. fun times.

  • Mielinski - so pretty much you just use him for personal gain?

  • Heather - Actually, I did mean me. He still does that to me every time I’m around. I don’t think he ever teased you, right? You were the adorable little sister. ; )

  • karyn - Did you not read the heading of the post?

    Jason: Karyn.
    Karyn: What?
    Jason: t’s your name?
    Jason: Karyn.
    Karyn: WHAT!
    Jason: t’s your name?
    (repeat for entirety of my childhood)

    never teased me……

    In my own defense, I would start answering differently after about the 3rd time he would say my name.

  • karyn - He’s going to be so proud that he sparked so many comments. 😉

  • Mielinski - and in a few more years….after many, many hours of therapy….karen will be able to rejoin normal society!

  • Hey Karyn...... - Really! No, I’m lying………

  • Mielinski - oh, neither am i…….

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